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Which lens type is best for your prescription eyeglasses?

When the time comes to buy prescription glasses the first thing that hits you is that there are many different types of lenses to choose from. Some of the more common options include high-index lenses while progressive lenses as well as single-vision and multivision lenses are other common examples. Each of these different kinds of lenses has its own unique set of properties and each property addresses certain specific requirements. Here is a look at the different lens materials.

High-index lens material is one of the best and most advanced options available to you. This particular type of lens has a very high reflective index, which translates into a very high power of refracting light. When light is bent to a high degree it allows the lenses to correct refractive eye problems. Most opticians recommend high index lenses – especially to patients who need to correct their myopic condition. The other thing that makes high index lenses so useful is the fact that they have very thin edges and they are also very light in weight. The lightweight property of such lenses help to offer greater comfort, especially to those who need to wear prescription glasses for a long period of time.

Progressive lenses are another good option. They are also known as ‘no line’ lenses because they do not have any lines in them, as is the case with multifocal lenses. These lenses allow the wearer to focus on objects at a distance, close up and also in the intermediate distances. This is possible because the lenses are made in such a way that the eyes can smoothly and seamlessly focus depending on the distance of the object from the eyes. With progressive lenses the image does not jump and hence they are very popular and useful.

Multifocal lenses also have different zones in the lenses to allow the wearer to focus on objects at a distance and close-up. These lenses are normally worn by anyone who needs to correct their presbyopia condition. People with such a condition normally find it hard to read or sew and also view text or images on a computer screen. If you have passed your fortieth birthday, then there is a strong possibility that you will develop a presbyopia condition.

Finally, there are single vision lenses that are a very conventional type and used by anyone who needs to correct their myopia or hyperopia or even astigmatic condition. Prescription glasses fitted with single vision lenses help to focus the eyes better. Single vision lenses offer a clearer vision but they are not the best option to correct vision in people who are older than forty. People in that age group normally need to use multifocal or progressive lenses or even glasses fitted with high index lenses.

When the time comes to choose the best material for your lenses you should consult an expert to find out exactly which type of lens material will correct your vision the best. These days it is possible to buy the required lenses at discounted prices. Shopping online for prescription glasses is also an option worth checking out as then you can shop from the comfort of your home and it also makes it possible to get the best prices.